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logo17 January 2014: The United Nations Organization secretary-general Ban Ki-moon proclame 2014 the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in order to redouble efforts to achieve a durable peace between Israel and Palestine.
«I implore all those who have a stake in this outcome - governments, international organizations, and people everywhere - to do their part» said General Assembly President John Ashe.
facciamoCIRCO association accept the invitation organizing the Italian-Palestinian Intercultural Project: "Bring to Italy Nablus Circus School students". Testimonial Moni Ovadia and Marco Rovelli

fotomoniThe Land of Palestine is increasingly alone, closed in tight confines from the world. Looking after the future of so many youths who live in this land is the only thing which might nurture hope. Giving them some kind of future perspective, offering them a chance at life. Making worlds collide.
This is why we support the project of facciamoCIRCO association: bringing to Italy a group of young Palestinians, students of the Nablus Circus School, by hosting them at the 9th National meeting of Italian Circus Schools.
The circus is a little big world where diversity and culture have always lived together. Alina Lombardo, who has been working on the realization of this project for a long time, told us how much she would like to see Italian and Palestinian youths play together: Mortasa teaching Anna the dbkah dance, or Regash who for the fist time has a go at the Rohn wheel helped by Fabrizio, or Hadi who, together with Marta and Giovanni, plays with Juggling clubs and balls.
fotomarcoWe would like this too. At least for few days, no more soldiers in the streets, hours spent lined up at checkpoints, fear: but instead, other girls and boys with whom to learn new games and hours spent exchanging joy instead of fear.

Let’s help Mortasa, Regash, Hadi and their friends see a future and make them feel they are not alone.
Moni Ovadia (top; photo: Daniele Vita) and Marco Rovelli 

It's with this motivation that the two famous artists, known for their unflagging effort in raising awareness on topics such as tolerance, peaceful coexistence, solidarity, have accepted to "adopt" the intercultural exchange Italy-Palestine: let's bring the youths/children/kids of the Nablus Circus School to Sarzana!

Nablus Circus School - Assirk Assaghir (NCS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose goal is to provide both participatory education and psychological relief to children and teens that have been affected by conflict in Palestine. NCS aims to support children and youth denied these rights by providing them with: a safe, educational space in which they can learn new skills while building confidence and freely expressing themselves; group entertainment activities that promote fun, relaxation and laughter. NCS strives to achieve these goals focusing on the safety of the child, gender equality and non-discriminatory participation in all activities. Please follow the link to learn more about the school: fb Nablus Circus School

● The aim of the italian-palestinian intercultural project is to give a small group of NCS students  the opportunity to travel to Italy to have an intercultural exchange with Italian peers. They will participate to all the activities of the “9° Raduno nazionale delle scuole di piccolo circo (9th National Circus Schools Convention, see the next point)": they will join workshops and meetings during the daytime and they will take part to the performances during the evening time, sharing knowledge of dance and circus arts as well as creating collective performances.
NCS students will be guests of Italian families. By doing so, they will have a unique intercultural exchange experience.
It will also be a unique opportunity for the Italian youths as they will learn about the Palestinian youth daily life through the direct tails and experiences of the Palestinian peers.

● The opportunity to reach these goals is the “9° Raduno nazionale delle scuole di piccolo circo” (Sarzana, april 19-26th 2014). It is a national circus schools convention existing since 2006. This annual meeting gets together schools circus students, circus fans and amateurs as well as artists and curious public from all over the country. It is a three days-reunion joined by thousands of people, especially children and teens. They exchange experiences and knowledge by playing, talking, eating, laughing together and by doing workshops and collective performances. The meeting has the patronage of the City of Sarzana and of the Liguria Region.

● The proposer of the intercultural project and organiser of the 9° Raduno nazionale delle scuole di piccolo circo (9th National Circus Schools Convention), is facciamoCIRCO, a non-profit amateur sports organisation that arranges annual courses of gym and circus arts for children, teens, adults in Sarzana since 2004. The organisation was born and works to spread among young people the culture of the difference as value, the cooperation and sharing, respect and mutual trust by using circus arts as an extraordinary educational medium. Please follow the link to learn more about the organisation: www.facciamocirco.it

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